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The Web Poetry Corner - Philip Claude Andermann - Death and World Peace

Death and World Peace


Philip Claude Andermann

Promoting fear - in oneself or others -
of some geocentric anthropocentric eternal Hell,
cannot be rationally reconciled with
what has to date been verified in modern cosmology,
and such fundamentalism is not conducive
to the kind of dialogue of mutual understanding and win-win behavior
required to survive on this diverse limited planet
still such a rare gem in this infinity
we have had the rare ability to realize.
The universe seemingly cannot even contemplate its own mortality,
and I believe that in being forced to confront our seeming mortality -
with death so essential to that enigmatic precious jewel called life -
we can be an eye for the universe,
a mirror for it if we truly self-reflect
on the way life actually competes to offer itself;
we can offer it the poetís ear for the sound of sense
in the beauty in the rhyme of seasons.

It would seem that rather than being crippled in life
by fear of death,
we should fear not having truly lived before we die.
Letís make each moment as preciously eternal
as if it were our last chance to joyously offer it.
And it seems one can enhance and multiply
the effectiveness of the life we live
by the enhancing of othersí.
Perhaps after we "go"
we can only take with us
what we have left behind for others.
Then what happens at the point when there are no others?

I reason that by living in this way
we are making every cause for there to always be "others".

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