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The Web Poetry Corner - Philip Claude Andermann - YOU ARE THE TEACHER! (2) 2/1/13



Philip Claude Andermann


I am the buried seed
which contains the flower
which will return
the seed...

Any fear
fears me.

I will offer that first flower
which creates spring:

as the sun merges
its symphonic advent
and the wind of time
music waves of flowers.

Each flowers shall dimple
ripples from the earth,

splashing its fragrance
into your face.

There will be no fear.

But, future,

will yoity: Montclair

poem_title: THðs~E UNBORN 2/4/13

country: US

state: NJ

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Philip Claude Andermann (philipandermann@yahoo.com) on Tuesday, February 26, 2013 at 15:01:46

poem: YOU ARE THE TEACHER! (2) 2/1/13 9:00 pm
Art is
painting hopes,
painting the future:
such is the art
of teaching.

A child offers a blank canvas -
for us.

In painting the beauty of the world
for others,
you also paint
and thus reveal
the beauty of the invisible self.

You are the invisible wind
beneath childrens' wings,
that ripples the field of flowers
to dance,

wind leaping too agile
from flower to fcaptured,

even by a temptingP€`‚, returned kiss,

waving instead
forward to the future.

For children you race
the sculpture light

of challenging uncharted clouds,

showing the uncharted shall reveal
the light -

Through you the sun
lights up the fire.

The mind is not a vessel
to be filled,
but a kindle
to be lit.

Through you the sun lights
the fire,
the god
in all the details.

The potential good.

your brush strokes
with voice

and lights the e`‚yes
wherein the future shall dawn.

For these universes,

YOU are the truest teacher!

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