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The Web Poetry Corner - Philip Claude Andermann - The True Inner and Outer Dialogue 3/16/13

The True Inner and Outer Dialogue 3/16/13


Philip Claude Andermann


Keep looking
to understand others
and you will find your heart
reaching out to others,
being the bond of mutual liberation
within the scintillating web
of daily life.
Peace is -
REMOVING the arrow
of suffering.
It is offering a different target.

Peace is -
offering a pure mirror
to see beauty,
to see compassion made eternal by transience,
showing the way to all mountaintops
from which we see so many seeking,
and we return "down" to dialogue with them.
Peace is -
to LIVE gratitude
to a true mentor,
whose role model mirroring our potential
reveals our iner mirror,
unleashed unique unity in diversity,
shows how a true heart
unlocks all wisdom, hugging disarmingly,
and empowers a new u-n-I-verse of dialogue.

Such a Mentor empowers
the new seeking student-teacher
of unprecedented paradigm

epowering humanism,
to start a whirlwind
of committed dialogue and example,
to be the star eternal

in its traveling sharing light,
painting galaxies of treasure

in each person.

Through every dialogue
we can thus can direct each other to direct contact

with the liberating law,
and ONLY by all being equally
victorious as the mentor
an the mentor be proven,
can our sense of gratitude
make the world make sense,

can the world be peace
of genuine inner and out dialogue
of friendship transcending ALL,

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