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The Web Poetry Corner - Philip Claude Andermann - YOU, YES YOU!%22 1/13/1

YOU, YES YOU!%22 1/13/1


Philip Claude Andermann

"YOU, YES YOU!!!" by Phil inspired by Sensei


My friend,
are there no houses left,
do you see only the sun and the rain?
Then open up the palace
of your HEART
to let the sun within light up the community
to rebuild,
and to re-grow through that rain.

My friend, is there no water or food?
The wellspring is WITHIN you
freer than the river's water, without any constraint.
SHARE the food and water you have without bounds
and the love shall MULTIPLY to give you strength,
prayer to together squeeze water out of sand,
to find out how to multiply those few morsels more than any Christ.

My friend, does disease ravage and rip you INSIDE OUT?
Then inside out, discover the strong diamond
that was WITHIN,
and fill and awe the universe with your brilliant strength,
inside out crowd the stars into your heart,
inspire and crowd the people as one to HEAL EACH OTHER.

My dearest child, do you have no parents?
Do you have no love given, for your love to grow?
My love, just learn the few words -
and the love will well within - anyway,
the flower within will grow - anyway,
spring's start will be thus announced,
and supporting flowers will appear everywhere.

My friend, NO MATTER WHAT,
fill your life with heroic drama
and with a passion fanned by anger
set your heart on fire!

We are together. We are ONE!

We are one with Sensei!]

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