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The Web Poetry Corner - Philip Claude Andermann - Infinity Is Proactive

Infinity Is Proactive


Philip Claude Andermann

That last ounce of courage we
can find to encourage another, that last gleam of hope we
can find at the bottom of our heart to light our friend's
ashen face to glowing eyes, becomes the rarest and thus most
infinitely precious treasure in the universe, and when we
offer it for Gohonzon we never run out of it, run out of the
joy of sharing the joy of true sharing, joy of ensuring such
courage will become commonplace.

True courage is a star of hope which cannot be
obscured or swallowed by the jaws of any clouds because it's
right here, absorbed in our heart. (When the same star is
absorbed in our hearts they are one.) Is it night? Then
reach to the stars in another's heart and make them suns.

Our Prayer of love for God is not a passive
kiss we should expect God to return, it must be an
arrow of determination for peace we shoot out into the

Climb the mountain of daily life to reach the star
within your own heart. Merge with Gohonzon and aim for the
true dawn of humankind so all the stars can merge and each
be the sun scaling the sky.

When in dawn always see the night in another's life
to turn more stars to suns. When teeth chatter in night
cry with joy at the dawning in another's life and prove you
are human. Night or death means dawn or birth for

Fortunately we can never reach the sun, but make our
rotations and revolutions an upward spiral to make, with our
last gram of courage, our pebble in the cosmos a beautiful
gem spreading life to light all those violent stars around
with true hope.

Life is infinite!

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