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Philip Claude Andermann

I stare at the contained beautiful
eclipse in your eyes
offering wonders of night
for a moment,
all the stars
offering the cosmos
before setting it aflame.
I enter the window
of that moon
into your home.

Adorned by every flower
of every field
it is a temple
to fall into constellations
of new friends,
a vaster flower

Why can we not share
a home?
one filled with sunlight
lion passion
the tenderness to touch
all the children,
their roars of
delicate laughter?

This is but a network
robotic new paradigm
a billion entities of
biochemical reactions,
so starting
we can transcend
all differences.

the face of the screen
newly books
all the eyes of hope.

I go out carrying this facebook
into the flower-fields
together we must protect,
to meet my TRUE LOVE
who breathes out the very wind.
We know now all
the sufferings and love
of our giantic new
global home;
really clasping sweating hands,
two skies touch,
to build
a neighborhood anew together.

Clouds of obstacles
eclipse the face of sun,
but they are portals to growth,
and as we touch the stars
of others' nights,
with the roar of delicate laughter,
we shall reach all others,
candle lighting candles onward,
and we know it must
be done
only visiting one by one.

Mi casa es tu casa.
We bring the fragrance
of our love.

The e-clips must be
brought to life
by living
what we wrote.

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