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The Web Poetry Corner - Philip Claude Andermann - Wow, Mom!

Wow, Mom!


Philip Claude Andermann

[on Mother's Day]
Miss Black Teenage America, yes -
you ARE too young to be a Mom.
Your free spirit still light as a butterfly,
your beauty still so riveting,
so stunning it stings like a bee.
And yes you are shooting upward still
to become the world's greatest fighter
for truth and justice like a super young Rosa Parks
for the sake of all children, your siblings - through Gohonzon.
For like them, you are still metamorphosing
struggling in an apparent web, your cocoon,
pretending to be trapped in the 3 poisons.
But now a son has indeed appeared
who through God will indeed free you
from delusions.
He will be your true teacher, if you
can stick with him with
faith and hope.

Be convinced you are raising the next
President Ikeda, and you will be.
Dr. King could advance the the young Rosa Parks,
and Rosa Parks through the King.
Through faith, you can both free each other
to help thousands or millions.
In the glare, you cannot see the millions who are cheering you
fighting in the dust and blood of the arena
of this moment and place.
You cannot hear that you are transforming
the defeatism of countless roars
with the fragrance of the last ounce of your hope-drenched aria
soaring from your lips
toward God;
in the seeming microcosm
of being a teenage Mom now
filled with finesse, fight and love

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