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The Web Poetry Corner - Philip Claude Andermann - To Dulcinea

To Dulcinea


Philip Claude Andermann


I can see
My own happiness
Will be reflected
In your shining eyes.

In the mysterious universe,
Worlds beyond embrace
Have SINGULAAR grace.

What's human inside them
Brings one beside them.

They say that because it seemed to me
The world was so full of misery
My brains rotted with worry,
And from their smoldering ashes of despair arose
Like a few dying sparks the illusion
I was a knight with a mission
To rescue a beautiful world.
They say, how can you be so blind
Not to see the ugliness of people?

How can THEY be so blind?

Your radiance is so great
I can feel it pulling me to follow
Even from across tremendous expanses
Of wonderfully gigantic mountains and ravines
To fulfill my mission to you
To conquer the Enchanter.

So marvelous to have such challenging obstacles!

I know you are with the Enchanter who has trapped you,
And I must reach you both.

Even though the Enchanter himself may have clawed out
The very mountains and ravines
- Yes, he may be that powerful! -
Still the MORE mountains there are to conquer,
Which means the more distance,
So the more powerful must be
The gravity of your true radiance
Which I feel pull me to devote to your life,
Your happiness.
Hence it will be so easy to defeat the Enchanter.

Although others may say
That the ravines are the cracks and lines
Etched on your face,
Yet, as I vanquish all the peaks and abysses
One by one,
I shall be able to admire the scenery
For its actual splendor!

For - know, as I cut my way through each varrier,
The Enchanter will struggle harder
And his claws pressing harder
On the face and life of each victim
Will begin to burst the mask of deformity
He has impressed upo them.
The lines of ugliness will reveal themselves
As lines of laughter,
Curves of laughter bursting through.

Others who follow me on my path of hurdles
Will see the barricades melt into graceful hillsides.

I am slicing through the worry lines of destiny
Which like the ropes of a net in the sea
Connected to tugging weights beneath
Pull a victim beneath the sea's surface.

Those who laugh at me now
Because they see the mask of a clown
In each of us
Cannot see
That though my heart cannot physically touch yours,
In spirit you are already beside me -
All around me, in my journey.

Our victory is assured!

When they see how brilliant you appear,
Their eyes, too, will be liberated from the Enchanter;
They will realize the cure for their madness
And laugh with happiness.
. . .
Dulcinea, when it sees YOU,
The sun rises
Roaring yellow
Pouncing from mountain peak
To plain
Splitting the shadows
Of the dead past
Bringing to life
All the colors of the people
And the different languages
Of their awakening
And the universal characters
On a scroll
Where a lion lives
And roars back at the pledge to propagate
The seed of hope:
"Let us pledge to dispel the poisons of injustice and suffering
Unfolding the way to
A vast Garden of Capable Citizens
Splitting the seeded Earth
Open to the Sun,
Opening the broken hearts of youths to compassion."

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