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The Web Poetry Corner - Philip Claude Andermann - To A Young Friend Who Recently Passed Away

To A Young Friend Who Recently Passed Away


Philip Claude Andermann

Butterfly in Africa, you do not know
that the flicker of your pretty wings

in a month may cause a storm in New York,
and in a year...
that your tremor shakes the earth like a giant's steps.

We do not seem to realize
that the tremor o our lips in egotistic scorn
will bathe every human being in winds of chaos.
touching the conception of the trillions
of future generations:
how can we be egotistic when we are part
of our planet's single living entity?
Each holding every other at its mercy, each feeding the other,
each swallowing a universe giving it life,
each every second shedding a part of its being radiating
outward offering to Death,
no offering it to feed each being, each living
universe around us...
only in this (disassembling) way assembling our own identity.

Even beyond our "death" this radiation of offering
continues, rippling far beyond our friends...
Each moment contains every other,
death contains life.

We cannot destroy anyone's life
for even when we turn the universe
of our life inside out and
make each entity a universe,
an endless cascade of interconnecting
worlds containing it
we do not destroy it.

In endless cascade of scale downward and upward
all qualities of creative "life" support
and contain each other
far transcending the apparent cage
of physical laws, of mortality.
Endless cascades of life, you do not "know"
scientists now find that in simple
from the wildest chaos the most beautiful
symphonies might be uncovered.

Butterfly of youth, I weep helplessly
at your transience.
I stand in awe
of your indestructible promise of strngth
and I believe the storms hiding us from
each other
are but the Earth from
a million Suns (sons) will grow.

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