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The Web Poetry Corner - Philip Claude Andermann - Stars and Friends

Stars and Friends


Philip Claude Andermann

Worlds beyond embrace:
with singular grace.
Something HUMAN inside them
brings one beside them
as if across cold distance
seeking to return
a light touch
of penetrating warmth
like the memory of a long-lost friend, touching
closer than this instant
of reality.

My friend whom I haven't seen so long and miss,
with dusk's illusions your shining face on water
seems to dance among the stars
swung by the coaxing hands of Time's current
(playing the skin of lake's water):
as I would seek to plunge amid the stars,
as if to find the sunken sun, and my night.

Where is your face? Nowhere? Instead I see you everywhere,
your warmth glowing in many stars, friends' eyes.
You taught me to see warmth in people.
I need not hold your face
captive of my eyes. Your shining eyes
are everywhere.

I gently return, offer, a quivering jewel,
cupped in my hands,
to the dark... soil of life, of bright flowers.
You are a treasure of my memory, and also
not mine.
You are within me and not within me.
I hold you in the senses of my memory,
like that star now 1000 years aged,
and it seems as illusory as if
I'd never beheld you.

I feel that the entire world that I sense is
contained within me,
as if I had plunged into the water.
As if I had plunged into the water,
I feel swallowed in wonder.

My friend, I may have not yet met you
in this lifetime.
Are you this person, or that pair of glimmering eyes?
Whoever you are, as I spread my arms
as if to take and embrace the lake,
I feel I must return to you
instead, a sun of happiness I feel I've swallowed,
a sun of happiness I feel rising soothing inside me,
out of me to be shared;

and as I rise to meet the flowing wind of day's reality
the sun of your warmth leads constantly
beside me:
I'll keep reaching out
to share the treasure of the universe
the seemingly distance quintessence of being
attractively human we all seek and possess.

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