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The Web Poetry Corner - Philip Claude Andermann - As Truest Friends

As Truest Friends


Philip Claude Andermann

Don Qixote, why is Dulcinea so beautiful to you,
why is everyone so beautiful to you,
why do you believe you see what they could be?

Why do you sweat and cry for their happiness
though they laugh hysterically in your face?

Why do you reach beyond the island of your identity
saying "No man is an island entire of itself...
ask not for whom the bell rings for joy...
it rings for you,"
as you imagine you foresee a new GROWING continent
of humanity emerging
from dark unhappy lives
to happiness?

Why though so few listen
do you ring forth the message of freedom and hope
as if to liberate a Fortress of Peace
in each person's heart,
a castle to be manned by able people,
each finding the same joy
in giving even the smallest joy to another.

Don Quixote, can't you see the smog of avarice and stupidity,
the dark wind whipping
the angry waves of the ocean
tossing men's hearts and lives
like helpless islands momentarily floating -
floundering - in the currents of...
a mindlessly violent universe?

Surely your castle of noble people is a mirage,
a purely legendary haunting rescue ship in the night,
a merely glimpsed constellation of unattainable hopes
gone before its existence could ever be proven?

Why should you care about someone else
if nothing else in the universe cares?

Why do you care about someone else's heartbeat
which is too deep for someone else to hear -
again and again as if echoing the sound you hear
sound of the priceless bell of LIBERTY
heralding the drum beat of a worldwide HUMAN revolution.

Why care about someone else's deepest feeling
no-one else perceives,
believing you perceive it
to MOVE the deepest gushing current of the universe
affecting EVERYONE'S life,
as if powering the sundhine of an unreachable star
through clouds as if to tug the very tides
- to light the Torch of Liberty to show the way -
to tug to freedom the
"huddled masses yearning to be free"
to tug their tear-stauned faces into smiles?

MUST BE MAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dulcinea whose unique beauty nothing can tarnish,

I can see
my own happiness
will be reflected in your shining eyes.
In the mysterious universe,
worlds beyond embrace
have SINGULAR grace.

What's HUMAN inside them
brings one beside them.

Dulcinea Dulcinea Dulcinea Dulcinea Dulcinea Dulcinea,
they say that because it seemed to me the world was so full of misery,
my brains rotted with worry,
and from their smoldering ashes of despair arose
like a few dying sparks the delusion
I was a knight with a mission to rescue a beautiful world.
They say, how can you be so blind not to see the ugliness of people?

How can THEY be so blind?

Your beauty is so great I can feel it pulling me to follow
even from tremendous expanses of wonderfully
gigantic mountains and ravines
to fulfill my mussion to conquer the Enchanter.

So wonderful to have such challenging obstacles!

I know you are with the Enchanter who has trapped you,
And I must reach you both.

Even though the Enchanter himself may have clawed out
The very mountains and ravines
- Yes, he may be that powerful! -
Still the MORE mountains there are to conquer,
Which means the more distance,
So the more powerful must be
The gravity of your true radiance
Which I feel pull me to devote to your life,
Your happiness.
Hence it will be so easy to defeat the Enchanter.

Although others may say
That the ravines are the cracks and lines
Etched on your face,
Yet, as I vanquish all the peaks and abysses
One by one,
I shall be able to admire the scenery
For its actual splendor!

For - know, as I cut my way through each varrier,
The Enchanter will struggle harder
And his claws pressing harder
On the face and life of each victim
Will begin to burst the mask of deformity
He has impressed upo them.
The lines of ugliness will reveal themselves
As lines of laughter,
Curves of laughter bursting through.

Others who follow me on my path of hurdles
Will see the barricades melt into graceful hillsides.

I am slicing through the worry lines of destiny
Which like the ropes of a net in the sea
Connected to tugging weights beneath
Pull a victim beneath the sea's surface.

Those who laugh at me now
Because they see the mask of a clown
In each of us
Cannot see
That though my heart cannot physically touch yours,
In spirit you are already beside me -
All around me, in my journey.

Our victory is assured!

When they see how brilliant you appear,
Their eyes, too, will be liberated from the Enchanter;
They will realize the cure for their madness
And laugh with happiness.
. . .
Dulcinea, when it sees YOU,
The sun rises
Roaring yellow
Pounciing from mountain peak
To plain
Splitting the shadows
Of the dead past
Bringing to life
All the colors of the people
And the different languages
Of their awakening
And the universal characters
On a scroll
Where a lion lives
And roars back at the pledge to propagate
The seed of hope:
"Let us pledge to dispel the poisons of injustice and suffering
Unfolding the way to
A vast Garden of Capable Citizens
Splitting the seeded Earth
Open to the Sun,
Opening the broken hearts of youths to compassion."

A beautiful dream! An IMPOSSIBLE drewam!
World Peace Trhough Individual Happiness?
Don Quixote, at best you have
a wildly dreamed-up BLUEPRINT
for a rocket to reach the unreachable star.
Where in the universe could the sweat and tears
to build such a rocket be found?
How could it be turned on, what is the key to turn?

Do you expect your poor broken horse to turn into a flying horse, Pegasus,
a constellation in the sky,
while you cling to its tail like a dirty flea
but turn into a star yourself?

(Watch out, you're going to crash!
And keep on going down into Hell!
You know you'd never get up again.)

I wish you luck.
For at least your horse must keep its feet on the ground.

Your dream will be over.
Who will ever understand what you're talking about?

You talk of changing one's destiny -
Don Quixote, you're about ready to hit the grave yourself.



Don Quixote awaited death calmly, almost with joy.
Barely perceptible beneath his heartbeat he felt a second
very fast rhythm.
Deep inside of him he was aware of something terribly alive,
a feeling as though he were running very fast with this inner beat.

He smiled calmly with serene eyes
at the crowd of people who surrounded hum like soldiers of Death.
He felt an overwhelming compassion for them.

It did not matter how bloodshot his eyes might be that could hardly see,
how scarred his face.
He did not care.

Rather, he felt a terrible aching for friends he could not see.
He could not help it if darkness was separating them.
They had seemed inseparable.

Don Quixote felt a swaying motion in rhythm with his heartbeat
as if on his horse
sounding in his ears like the waves of a nearby ocean
waiting for him
to enter its depths alone.

But this strange second heartbeat like running feet
now coming from outside and inside of him
becoming stronger
he could not doubt.

("A single strain of goodness can never be extinguished!")

Calmly Don Quixote faced the source of this sound
which burst through the crowd.
He had an incredible feeling
as if out of the deepest darkness
he were facing the dawn it had seemed he would never see.


Dulcinea and Sancho Panza,
Yes, I made a promise.
I will alight - stand on the ground to fight
beside you, have no fear.
Ultimately we are protected from death, from defeat,
until we have accomplished our mission.

Dulcinea and Sancho Panza,
I will never forget how at my deathbed you burst in.
Each showed me your life of indestructible hope and happiness
spread open naked across your face
and deeo in your eyes I saw something dancing like a ceremony
luminous in the night like a message of protection
telling me to reach out, though my arm was too weary,
to reach out for the unreachable star.

You took this life out from inside you as though ready to die
and shaking me, begging me,
you spoke of an incredible song, an incredible sound.

Every syllable burned deep inside me,

The whole ceremony was like a deep promise I made so long ago.

I saw for each one of you in your face and chanting mouth
my mission, to truly give my life
to you.

As I felt something luminous rise from inside me,
seeming to rise into the sky.

Did my soul depart? a sun shot out by a volcano toward unknown darkness
and streaking like a huge hissing meteorite.

A star to cling to even above hell.

Your life is my star.
I will follow you now even if you are in the deepest, frozen hell.

You followed ME into darkness,

My glorious quest is you, Dulcinea, your life,
and your life, Sanch Panza, courageous irreplaceable knight.

To live perhaps because you were willing to die
(and to march into hell for a heavenly cause)
and because you ran to show me your quest without question or pause.

You showed me this by the nakedness of the hope in your face and eyes.

You had this mission.

We are each but one star of hope.

It seems we need so many to light the sky.

When we unite and point as one the way to dawn
then we will become - each of us -

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