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The Web Poetry Corner - Philip Claude Andermann - A New World

A New World


Philip Claude Andermann

As I read the author's novel
I turn into so many people,
through memory simultaneously,
that he desribes,
I travel back and forth across the world in a second,
as they echo memories and emotions
from all over inside me:
as if surrounded by a maze of warped reflections of me
filling or shrinking all around
with my slightest forward movement
through the author's world;
or as if I were but a helpless giant
shadow, traversing the universe,
cast by the flickering fire of my desires and fears
sparked by my eyes striking
the words by which the author
condensed (in preservative form) his cosmos.

I am too excited to think:
words capture me in the picture-language
and emotional river-flows
of author-planned dreams merging directly with my own
reactions uncontrollably spontaneous as a dream,
a new world of rivers and sensations melting into me;
a God molds a new world inside me,
as my captive eyes follow letters
like a thread following a needle
to conjure a tapestry upon the mind upon which to proceed,
to fly...

..Slowly patterns of logic unfold and evolve
before now-raised eyes wide open and unseeing
of the real world.

Unperceived, the buzz of the real world invades me,
and the strange mirror of many me's is shattered
to let so many people - a far vaster universe -
rush into me,
my universe
through which the universe of billions of lives

The world is spinning dizzily
as if - like a ferociously revolving planet
with the arrogant directness of Icarus I'd been too closely
an intoxicating sun of truth.

Oh, to be a writer!
No, I will write books with my life
and produce many happy people.

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