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The Web Poetry Corner - Philip Claude Andermann - Time Is - To Create Hihest Value

Time Is - To Create Hihest Value


Philip Claude Andermann

Let not time just burn up the past.
Let it burn in the eternal present
within our heart
as a vow to pool our time
as one with others, thus transforming it.

No line can be made thin enough
to divide the past from the future,
thus it does not exist.

Rather, past and future are all contained
in the instant of the present
we share and multiply with others,
drawing no line between us.

[There are no simple lines,
simple cascades, no hierarchies,
they all turn out to be networks,
crinkly webs of life,
all supporting each other.]

Like quantic phenomena,
[the collapse of Schroedinger's wave equation]
we exist because of others' observations,

but in this crinkly universe
can we truly draw any line
separating observer from the observed?

By observing ourselves,
through our appreciation to others,

we create our own true existence...
simultaneously a web of supporting life
creates itself in echo.

The past seems frozen, dead,
but we can transform all its significance,

as if reaching and curing the dead,
as we learn from deepest burning experiences,
how to transmute and forge the future, forever.

The answer for all, ever,
is found in this unique instant,
in our unique point
in existence, our unique view,
our unique offering.

Blossom and then offer yourself like a bouquet of flowers.
Though it may seem to wilt, it is just like fireworks
melting eternal into the darkness of another's heart.
We blossom brighter in darkness,
spring from the dark earth of suffering,
burning so as to create...

a forest of treasure towers,
of true passionate democracy
actually eternally intricately dancing

the past with the glorious future.

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