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The Web Poetry Corner - Philip Claude Andermann - Reincarnation and Recycling, July 4th

Reincarnation and Recycling, July 4th


Philip Claude Andermann

Reincarnation involves faith in the unseen,
as an extension of what we perceive,
that life does not end at skin or death
and a law of cause and effect prevails in life,
[ultimately but actually simultaneously]
most especially the cause for "Buddhahood,"
leading to robust "sustainable" peace.

Now, it could be said
that if we could figure out how reincarnation,
the ultimate 100% recycling program, works,
then we could figure out the recycling problems of the world
to make it robustly sustainable!
In fact, that is true!

The logistics of sufficiently improving world recycling [or just of cultural festivals for that matter] seem dauntlessly complex!
Partly it is resolved by reforming the market mechanism,
which drives the infinite complexity of our economy
- near infinite chains of causation -
partly hidden by abstractions.
Yet to do even this correctly
we have to closely study the reality of these
It involves much technology.
But when we zoom in, we come to the individual
and his or her perceived microcosm.
Our Mentor said that in studying the microcosm we can understand the universal.
Today especially one's actions rapidly ripple out
to touch many others beyond one's perception.
This may likely include [vast?]scientific phenomena we do not understand yet.
But key is to understand
"It starts with me. It starts from now."

Now is July 4th, night of fireworks.
Just as the bouquets of fireworks do not just wilt and die into the night, but melt
into our memory, our hearts, and live on,
so does the bouquet of kindness we find within
to give another
live on, and spread.
Repeating at first such random acts of kindness -
emerging bouquets of light from the dark earth of our heart -
becomes a habit, a character, and then a spreading wisdom.
A single word from one heart to another is sufficient,
to spark love that is wise action into fire of new dawn.
That dark night, of death and of all we cannot see, is no void,
need not be evil,
is filled
with bouquets offered,
pulses palpably throughout with passion of love!
What we pass on to another is never lost,
is more than recycled.
That great night of "myo" is not some God of love outside we must appeal to.
Even if no-one taught us, all that love exists within, - the Buddha -,
and a single word from the bottom of the heart
to the heart of another
reverberating endlessly inwardly and outward,
and all the trash that was our lives is recycled, transforming
into wisdom of value-creation, resolving all logistics,
of how to create sustainable peace.

Just understand that eternity exists in the heart,
in this second,
of the Vow shared with the mentor.
Amid the infinite complexities,
as even in some vast war,
a single word of wise compassion suffices,
and as sustaining flame spreads forever.

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