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The Web Poetry Corner - Philip Claude Andermann - Mission Transcending Death

Mission Transcending Death


Philip Claude Andermann

Our Father and Mother seem Creators of Our Universe.
[All life of Meaning comes from Unison.]
We now are, and propagate, their Love, in the way we Live.
The odds of our conception would seem infinitesimal, but we are here:
this can only be for some Reason - that we have a Mission.

The odds that in bopping down the old "pinball machine" we would pass out into the world in between them would seem infinitesimal.
But without having to think, from the bottom of our "heart" we chose our path, we chose them.
We chose them so they could complete their mission, by our fulfilling our Mission.
And so on down through the generations...
But rippling outward every person we touch changes conceptions
everywhere, changes who is conceived; we co-conceive them.
In an even deeper sense, every person we touch becomes a different person, for it:
every person we touch becomes our child.
It does not happen coincidentally: we choose it.
Just as we choose every person to be our parent:
and we can only do this properly if we choose our Father, our Mother, to be Unique to us.

We can only do this properly if we choose our Mentor to be Unique to us, by becoming Equal to our Mentor, and creating the next "Equal-to-our-Mentor!"
We can only do this properly if we embrace all Humanity, Life,
into our body as one
and utterly personally Determine that Humanity shall survive
no matter the squabbles, the tears,
so the lives of all past, present and future may Live on in Meaning,
ever deepening!

"Priestley" was far deeper than a Priest, representing his seeking compassionate mind. Through shakubuku by your behavior, you shall crown him King
of a World of true, triumphant permanent Humanity!
You are far more than Cordelia, the true one, who felt she had nothing to offer her father King Lear, though she offered her Life. You shall lead him past his transient State of Confusion
to an Enlightenment
far beyond belief!!

I, too, shall be sending prayer
with every atom of my being!
We are all with you.

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