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The Web Poetry Corner - Philip Claude Andermann - Her Gift

Her Gift


Philip Claude Andermann

Where is America going?

Torch of liberty. Stars and stripes in the wind. Symbols of hope?
I watched for a moment, waiting.
Was the sun rising in dawn or was it sinking into night
and merely stars?
Today I watch again.
Rays casting stripes on rippling water from the horizon:
against sky and water
I now see stars AND stripes.
Not half-mast in mourning, raise the flag of honor high.

This morning, now raise the torch to shine the harbor,
the sun of myoho baton
brought to us by
Marathon Man.

Only a few know the joy New York must express,
in explosion of joy.
But clarion notes in echo one by one awaken to life
dreams of a people
collected from all the universe.
As if a NEW kind of instrument, never before heard,
expresses and aarousing drenches with hopes
wishes SO LONG common to ALL peoples.

New York Island, one by one as transient stars dim,
true lights of hope in people's HEARTS
must be turned on.

Be a lit castle of capable people, one built of
lit jewels of sweat,
inhabited by Princes and Princesses of Myoho.
May the tears of young women tossed helpless
by the waves of destiny
turn into jewelled necklaces of beautiful
ruling the world with the warmth of their dance.
Princes. Champions of the common people.
Using bricks of JUSTICE may young men
BRICK BY BRICK build a fortress of peace
in everyone's heart,
bricks found from the castle of unity.

As we ALL extract such bricks painfully from the bottom
of our hearts, they turn to untaintable gold
and surprised we discover the sun rises and shines from WITHIN
through the holes left in our hearts,
through tghe holes of our eyes in the Palaces of our lives.

Dearest marathon runner,
your torch is ours
to share
the joy of true sharing.


Your torch is ours.

Treasure Tower of Hope, opening...
"I lift my lamp beside the golden door,"
Your torch is ours.

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