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Philip Claude Andermann

When I "go,"
what can I take with me
except what I leave behind for others?

I live on in others' lives,
a living teaching by example.

Truly, I never end at skin or death.
We each increasingly contain the universe.

Especially, I am you, you are me, in our prayers,
and each the same one and likewise into the future.
But how can we be the same, when we seem so different?
We are different so we can fill each other's gaps,
and close all distance of space-time separating hearts.

Together we form the DNA of "one-human",
from us flows the genetics of cause and effect,
the web and TISSUE
of mutually supporting cause and effect,

apparently random points of causes
devoted to a Law, algorithm,
that by chaos mathematics
add up to form an "organism" [BUDDHA/GOD?]
actually expressing the uncreated conscience of our race -
no, of all life
(for only by embracing all life -
and mountains, oceans, stars -
can we truly embrace each other, and vice versa).

When we live on in others in this way,
our race will live on and on,
and all life will unfold its true potential.

The information of our life lives on through time and space through this generating algorithm, or Law.

We are each a diamond,
and a facet reflecting containing all diamonds.
We are formed from deepest pressures
and we create deepest creative pressures,
reaching backward we create ourselves
and are uncreated.
Together (crystal growing) we are the ones
who can create diamonds everywhere in the universe
(or eyes for the universe to see its own beauty),
the whole contained (reflected) in each of its parts.

If we claim we can live on and on,
we may of course ask, how can human life be eternal
given the Big Bang
and that the human pecies has been around on Earth
a relatively short time?
The answer lies in application of this algorithm, or Law.

Space-time is the surface of a sphere
that has no boundaries, no singularities,
no beginning or end,
even with an apparent Big Bang and Heat Death,
and countless cosmoses
that may appear to come and go (inter-creating)
similarly exist, contain each other,
and dialogue with each other.

The universe we perceive both expands and does not expand. (From one perspective the 4 OF 10 dimensions have not uncurled.)
Were you to travel on a photon time would seem to go infinitely fast
and it would arrive at its destination infinitely soon.
Or rather, was its distance in space-time 0?
Subatomic particles interact quantically instantaneously across vast distances.
Or rather, is their distance apart in space-time simply 0? From one viewpoint, is every point in space-time
actually the same point?
(Ex. is each electron the same?)

Does this "one-point" extend across different cosmoses - information transmitted across cosmoses
though this algorithm or Law?
The countless universes created out of each Big Bang (though many not containing life),
each far vaster than we perceive;
the countless Big Bangs
created out of a quantic foam;
the many-worlds concept
of constant quantic "universe-splitting"; -
seemingly impossibly, actually truly interacting?

All this may be up to us, in this instant when civilization appears about to self-destruct!
The human being, in this infinity, infinity, of universes? YES, working together in compassion based on the Law.
Only then, can the Universe as one see itself.

For the potential power WITHIN is INFINITE.
All we must do is confront the Fundamental Darkness
through the mirror ithin, and in those around us.

We may seem like a vast, vast tree
rushing the uncharted clouds.
But we are far, far more.
We have the microphone for the human heart, to reach each human heart.
Then the organ of the true human heart
united as one
can feed and move the Universe.]

Just start with the person
IN FRONT OF YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.
Just start with the person IN FRONT OF YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

Just start with the person
IN FRONT OF YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

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