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The Web Poetry Corner - Monty Bing - Waits and measures

Waits and measures


Monty Bing

If you were but one day away...
I'd see tomorrow as a child sees Christmas:
loath to sleep,
rushing to wake.
If you were but one journey away...
I'd await the train with a smile so broad
leaving fellow travellers no choice but to think:
'There sits a man so happy,
or a man quite insane'.
If you were but one hour away...
I'd accuse my watch to it's face:
'You are you deliberately going slow?
Carry on like that and you'll go in the drawer'.
If you were but one mile away...
I'd ask the world to keep the noise down,
that I might hear your steps.
Intrigued so, everyone might help me listen.
If you were but one room away...
This room would need no open fire:
your radiance permeates the stone.
You'd return to find me asking:
'Did you catch me... osmotically basking?'
If you were but one step away...
I'd see your eyes reflect my eyes
reflect your eyes reflect my eyes.
Mirrors mirrored:
the room, the world, all else, dissolves.
If you were but one whisper away...
You'd ask me can I hear a noise.
I'd whisper... 'shhh',
then curse my thrumming heart.
If you were fully in my arms...
The world may end, if it so wishes.

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