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The Web Poetry Corner - Monty Bing - Even as I dream

Even as I dream


Monty Bing

In the place between the darkness and the light,
I meet with you and take you by the hand.
You brush your hair against my face,
like soft electric, on my face.
We stroll between the morning and the night.
At that moment 'fore to joy a sorrow turns,
our glances touch, and there lies understanding.
You brush your hand against my brow,
like soothing ointment, on my brow.
No longer do the tears of sadness burn.
In the second 'fore some fear is realised,
you tell me I am strong enough for two.
You weave your spell and stand behind
my broadened shoulders, you stand behind,
I walk forward showing fear no compromise.
On the heartbeat that says I have caught your eye
you smile, then we smile, then I blush.
You place your finger on your lips,
then touch your finger to my lips.
A kiss that weighs but half that of a sigh.
Should a word escape which serves to hurt you only
you bide your time then bid me, please, to leave.
Such enforcement pays my folly
Enforced absence for my folly.
Penance hard, and colder for being lonely.
That I could speak of such things to your face.
That you deserve much more, so understated.
Come. Meet me for one second, for one moment,
share this heartbeat.
Between the darkness and the light there is a place.

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