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The Web Poetry Corner - Meredith Quintana - The Path Revealed

The Path Revealed


Meredith Quintana

Sad and alone, the man ponders his future.
What will he become? Who will he be?
He remembers all the happy times, and wishes they could have lasted forever.
But his present sadness steps into his light.
With this blocking his view, he's not able to see what's beyond him.
A dark shadow is cast over his world, as he knew it.
He's not able to see beyond it, for it is too dark.
It looms over and around him, like a night with no moon.

But like every day, the sun rises in the morning.
As the dew falls on the grass, the birds chirp in the new day.
It's a sign that life goes on.
Even when there are days that we think we can't get through.
There will always be Someone, whom we can turn to for guidance.
He is our flashlight in the darkened world.
For when you are confused and lost.
He will be our guide to show us the way, on the path of life.

Now this man wakes up every morning, with a renewed sense of hope.
He knows that he's in the Father's hands.
And the Father always takes care of his children.
So no matter what he goes through in the days ahead,
He will be safe and taken care of.
If he stumbles and strays off the path,
The Father will be there with a flashlight, to guide him back.
He will always be here for us, for He is the Great Redeemer.

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