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The Web Poetry Corner - Meredith Quintana - Remembrance...



Meredith Quintana

Silver earrings on the bathroom sink
Bobby pins strewn on the dresser
Lipstick and mascara stains on the wash cloth
Discarded panty hose on the carpet
Tangled hair sprayed curls
Empty traces of a night gone by
Feeling special all dressed up
A tomboy made into a princess
A princess enjoying the attention
Then she woke up
Was it just a dream?
No, she remembers hearing the compliments of how beautiful she looked
Remembers carefully taking down her hair
Hoping to remember it, just as it was
Thinking how it felt on, she hangs the gown up in the closet
Remembers the sweet fragrance of the bouquet
She wonders... will it ever be her turn?
Yes, somewhere, the prince is being prepared
One day, they will join as one, before both God and man
Until then however, the tomboy will remember that for one night...
She was a princess...

Written the day after Jennifer Allen Cook got married, August 20, 1999.

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