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The Web Poetry Corner - Meredith Quintana - A Child#s Lost Dream

A Child#s Lost Dream


Meredith Quintana

Love, patience, and kindness
These are the things the world needs
There are those who have never felt emotions like these
From the time they are little
No one took the time to love and care for them
They were passed around like yesterday's news
Cast out into the cold and unforgiving world
Their hearts becoming like a brick wall
Not letting anyone or anything in
For fear they might be let down again
Society kept handing them the cement
When it should have been a sedge hammer

Now all grown up, this vicious cycle continues
Since they were shown no love earlier in life
They think that this is how the world is
That no one cares... no emotion, no feelings, no love, no hope
But there is One who will continue to love them unconditionally
No matter what they've done or how bad it may seem
His love reaches from the East to the West

This lost child, turned adult, can now dream once again
They now have hope that there is One who loves them no matter what
The spirit that has been trapped for so many years, can now be relinquished
They go out into the world, spreading love, patience, and kindness
Because of the One who showed them the way to their dreams

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