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The Web Poetry Corner - Meghan Peck - The Feather

The Feather


Meghan Peck

A feather falls,
From its nest,
It travels through,
The great big sky,
Wandering through the,
Soft clouds,
Looking and searching,
For another white feather,
It wanders through the great,
Big sky,
But can not find another,
White feather,
So it leaves the great big sky,
And wanders down to the great big ocean,
But thinks "this is no place for me or any white feather",
So he leaves and continues,
His search on land,
Maybe I will find a white feather here,
But all he finds are his nest,
But wait there is another white feather,
So he swoops down with such enthusiasm,
That he loses control and lands,
Right in the soft little hands of a little girl.

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