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The Web Poetry Corner - M A Heathcote - The decency threshold

The decency threshold


M A Heathcote

Close the campus. Yes, but question your ...TRUST
Valuing people "Now" do we stick or bust?
Now that NHS is just another amputee
A listless... shopping channel casualty.

Devolved from central governance
Question; a "Tender" without substance
Contrition is the national agenda!
The malady is a palliative flora.

The disenfranchised, dispossessed.
Who in community care can protest?
Given a home domestic goddess...
Wouldnít you be happy with some social solstice?

Let us bring in that domiciliary...
A couple of hrs Monday to Friday,
Like meals on wheels letís just hope weíre able
To convey the valuing people principle.

Then let us re-institutionalize
From behind their own domestic, blinds
Letís hope we deliver them a time slot
Time enough to dot the "IĎs" and cross the "tís"

And, hey, thatís your lot "Conformance"
Until; even this becomes a financial garrotte.
Well, what is the answer then?
For the draconian: optimum performance.

Well hell let them rot... then..?
Till the sh*t hits the fan blame the Trust.
That local man... then..?
Then weíll seem too do all we can.

Let these providers compete...
Just think out of the box man
Get with the program man.
Itís just another big conceit!
Privatization in a can...

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