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The Web Poetry Corner - M A Heathcote - Our way-would calling?

Our way-would calling?


M A Heathcote

Star pulsed, lover.
"Who’s hearts a purple emperor?
Teased-out of a milk-white flower"
Churned into curds and whey,
Whose rosy, nothingness_
In conclave, owlets flicker.
Does intern, lead us away_?

Shouldn’t I who am lassoed plunge talons?
Like a dandelions root.
Shouldn’t I blow with these waxing-suns?
Shouldn’t I beak-split tear—apart
Her gossamer: She; whom hemps a moon.
Shouldn’t I be the one—who?
With tapper alights her inert womb.

Simply put: Shouldn’t I dive for pearls?
Or pan loves untold-gold: No, I just won’t
Or can’t be led "foolhardy" downstream.
"Or be so cold or so dishonestly, headstrong.
No, I shall walk faithfully loyal full-stop."
Besides you beside, deaths black-dog,
On-leash as if I was just newly born.

Like some kind of cocksure bullfrog
Isn’t this and that? The way of it all_
Star pulsed, lovers.
The way a poets tongue must rock!
Isn’t this and that? Our way-would calling?
God, willing_ We won’t all be summonsed
Or subpoenaed; for that one last regret.

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