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The Web Poetry Corner - M A Heathcote - Into an icy, keep

Into an icy, keep


M A Heathcote

Whoís? Uneventful, smiles?
Did wash away_
Like that great Ouse Yorkshire River
Into that oceans Antarctic vale
That; soon eerily, vanished thereafter.
Soon to be hardened, frozen over
Put into an icy sleep
Pale and departed, ghostly, pallid
Her rose petals descent_
Into an icy, keep.

Whoís? uneventful tears
Limpidly, havenít at sometime
Dew-wet rippled fallen freely
Over their left or right rooted feet.
Oh, let us verbalize_
Quite openly, what is to do?
Oh, let us once again meet
Speak one at a time; oh let us now, talk
Quite openly two by two letís summarize
Because as it stands; right-now!
Itís quite clearly over between, me and you.

Oh, insipid-green-eyes; how did you
Turn a deeper shade of bluebell-blue.
How did those limpid pools stagnate so still?
And keep a look of a crazed me and you.
Havenít you done a turn around the block?
Oh, wasnít your soul always
Wrapped in some Granitís rock?
Oh, thereís not many shall or will
Turn back that springtide clock?

Surely itís not always you!
Shall wear an army survival badge?
Who carries a switchblade kind of
Purple Heart! A torn kitbag of aggression
So itís brave not fending off
The budding kind of late! Appearing, heroism
Oh, who doesnít want to scale
Out of the fissures endless nights of darkness?
Oh itís not always you who wants too_
Make the headline news page?
Sometimes itís that quiet sort
Yes, that half decent sage
Whoís fallen out of print first..?
Who truly has the whole worlds gauge?

Oh, thereís no way back.
From behind this borderócontrol!
The cold boarder barbwire!
Is all around us cutting in these trenches now?
For another cruel, attack!
Itís at my side itís out in full radar view
Itís at your nape snipping and sniggering back
Oh, children thereís no way back
From this borderócontrol!
Except the dream of a spring
Or a summer; where..?
Winter never once recoiled into her "subzero"
Intolerant: Antifreeze, behind these battle lines.

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