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The Web Poetry Corner - M A Heathcote - En route the wings of doves

En route the wings of doves


M A Heathcote

Within these seeds of day
Hope is a pomegranate
In this indivisible, joy,
Joy is a sweet sacred fig
"So let us now then look
Introspectively and find
Ourselves and meditate"
On this one true—god
On this our negatively
Charged; spherical world.

Is he as you, are
A vital spark
A vital energy
A horse-chestnut seed
Encased and entombed
Impartial to soil, types.
Is he as you, are!
A pervasive luminous star
An omniscient fruit of knowledge
A neutral, reactionary
Or non reactionary atom
Fluxed; between, loves.
Can he be smashed?
Can he be tamed?
Can he be superseded?
Soured or sweetened
Kernelled just the same;
Into one abstracted heaven.

Today I turned
An old corner
And like a new sun
Consuming an old fire
Like the underbelly
Of a green wet stone
Again newly turned over-
I inwardly, momentarily
Shone with the apprehending
Of life’s cessation, translucent
As a waterfall, attaining
Its full uneven flow
Skilfully, without, meaning..?
I saw the clouds migrate
And the populous huddled
In the cold grey streets
Grey pigeons, on, mass
En route the wings of doves.

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