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The Web Poetry Corner - M A Heathcote - Tell me is that insanity

Tell me is that insanity


M A Heathcote

Can you subjugate this pain?
Can you heal my heart again?
Before the sea
Turns around
And encircles me...
Can you raise me up from the ground?
From the waves that surround
Before Iím drowned_

Before were both of us lost?
And then again found
Can you teach Insanity
To be calm when itís freed
In all honesty
Thatís you and me_

When I look at the stars
Theyíre so cold in our hearts
Canít you see?
But in all honesty
They could just be
Polluting cars
Driving free!
Down a highway at high speed
Traffic cops, Intercepting, you & me!
Oh, Iím in a hive of stinging bees
Oh, I could fly like a bird
And perch on a moonbeam
On a tree branch by sea
And then drown in a rock pool
Just to say Iím a fool
For loving you!

Tell me
Is that insanity!

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