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The Web Poetry Corner - M A Heathcote - O %22Passion stopped%22 all the clocks

O %22Passion stopped%22 all the clocks


M A Heathcote

Who am I to address
Her flagon red dress
Each wan of summer
Each wan of winter
Each mead, sweet, equinox!
"Passion stopped" all the clocks.

Who, am I, too romance?
In her amber dance
Like a firefly...
Brashly, resting, espy...
That unblemished flower
Awaiting that dew lit glower.

"O, who, is I", but her lover?
A fig root baring springtide fruit
Whom all autumn is left a hover
Like a bloom amidst the shoot
Each cool noon frozen night
Until her kiss defrosts the frostbite.

Who am I?
But the one, the only one
Who need never question, why?
Or fear her fickle, shun...
Cos Iím a firefly in her web
The only one admitted into her bed.

O who is I, but her morning, rapture?
As long as she doesnít quarrel
Iíll let all other birds and bees proffer
Sing, dance, holler and jostle
Each mead, sweet, equinox!
O "Passion stopped" all the clocks.

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