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The Web Poetry Corner - M A Heathcote - Like a dried up flower in a button hole

Like a dried up flower in a button hole


M A Heathcote

Like a dried up flower in a button hole
The jokes on you pressed to your soul
That I’ve got to go, I have now to go.
Baby, if you’re honest you’d know
Baby, if you were loyal to all you said.
This wouldn’t be such toil
And our love wouldn’t be dead.
This wouldn’t be such toil
To carry on falling in love with you!
But now that I am going
Baby, I see there wasn’t a chance in hell
You could love me as much or as well
As I did you!

Wipe away those crocodile tears
They haven’t be real for many years
And stop lying under pressure
Because baby I’ll be strait out of here
In no slow leisure, I’ll tell you.
In a minute or an hour or two
Just as long as it takes to build up a fire
In me!
Oh, passion and lust have such a fire
Oh, we’ll say goodbye tomorrow
Oh, we’ll say goodbye tomorrow
Oh, what an hour! Let’s make it two or three!
Because baby lust and desire
Has such a hold on me.

Because somehow, baby, I’m falling in love
Again with you!
Oh, it might be your attributes,
Or that sunny dissipation when I love you
Who cares about its whereabouts?
Who cares about these roundabouts?
When were up all hours setting the sun.
Oh, the jokes you! Oh, the jokes me
Pressed to my soul
Like a dried up flower in my button hole
Know that you’ve decided you’ve got to go...
Are you an angel or some Mata Hari Canonised?
To tell me lies
Who real knows but these creases in our sheets?
Where either one of us; sometimes, weeps.

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