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The Web Poetry Corner - M A Heathcote - Gift me what I want

Gift me what I want


M A Heathcote

Gift me—gift me-gift me
With that velvet touch of your lips
Gift me—gift me-gift me
One more night
Perpetual ceaseless like this...

Gift me—gift me-gift me
With one more undying moment of bliss
Gift me—gift me-gift me
One more life preserving, understated kiss.
Darling who am I not to Remiss.
The velvet ruby touches of your lips.

Gift me—gift me-gift me
Gift me—the sun—gift me—the moon
Gift me—the heart ache of a drunkard fool
Gift me—an oceans lifeline—harboured
Anchored from the floundered
Waves of the sea; rough-hew—in me...

Gift me—gift me-gift me
Without any hidden awkward; guises
Gift me—gift me-gift me
Your passion...
Gift me—you’re lustful glances’
Like a river rolling over me...
Gift me—a love—oh a love lesson
Out of this karmic bondage let us sing our mantras.

Gift me—a desert, gift me—the rain
Gift me—the thunder!
With that lightning-bolt charged in me again.
Gift me—with the job of a night shipman’s chandler
Gift me—with the sight to see
And manoeuvre through the stars
I’ll daydream not-no-other-mermen
Came this close to drowning in your arms...

Gift me—what I want
You can chirp and jejune
As much as a cricket all you want.
Just so long as I can sometimes swoon...
And hold my gift quietly naked Tableaux vivant.

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