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The Web Poetry Corner - M A Heathcote - Feather bower

Feather bower


M A Heathcote

You wore an old blue feather bower
Like you were a gypsy girl
Or a fallen angel
Torn from the clouds of heaven
Dressed in seven pale pearl white veil's
You appeared to me, and then seconds later
In a mirage of a mermaid
Once foretold in my future
You sang like a red haired siren to me
Calling across the barrier reefs of the seven seas...

Oh I heard the sound of the starlight dying...
Oh starlight!
There痴 a lighthouse
That expels no-warning!
Where those eager men are drowning...
Deep in an outer space near yeah!
Drifting on a feather bower to heaven
In a dream to be near only, yeah!

Oh gypsy girl
Oh gypsy angel I知 only one mortal
In your crystal ball
Falling, falling, and falling deeper for you!
Oh bright blue moon!
Is it raining there too?
In your hearts seven pale pearl white veils
Is it raining there too?
Rapt in your seven pale pearl white veil's
I知 drowning in this moonlight too!
In these seven sirens waves of love!
With you, you池e warm and tender, love
{Love} Dream too me!
Dream me too!

Gypsy girl
Gypsy angel I値l swim the seven seas for you!
If you値l rap your feather bower around me!
I値l be a gypsy; I値l be a gypsy, too!
And jump in a stream of starlight to be with you
We値l go bareback too, just me and you
Over a rainbow leaping, leaving
Nothing more than our shadows
Over mantles of sprinkling dew!

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