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The Web Poetry Corner - M A Heathcote - Afrikaner, Caribbean

Afrikaner, Caribbean


M A Heathcote

Afrikaner, Caribbean
You’re the shepherd of this land
You make the mighty lion meek
Lowly as a shadow at your feet

Afrikaner, Caribbean
Life's your nativity in the sand
You built this bright blue Jerusalem
Beautiful out of something, loathsome!
With next to nothing in your hand
Now Eden is yours to command...

Afrikaner, Caribbean
Tears are falling on the land
Raise an ark for Noah’s man
Save a people if you can...
Afrikaner, Caribbean
Mans blood can’t heal this land
Send a dove to the mainland
Its Gods command...
{Peace in your soul}
Is his only one command!

Afrikaner, Caribbean
Wore his heart like a talisman
Beneath the sun fell he a dying man?
And in his eyes he said Just who I am...
An Afrikaner, Caribbean, man

Oh he’d wish to be a European
And in his eyes I did see in him
Something lost to believe in...
In that Afrikaner, Caribbean
Who wants to be a politician?
Sanctify all that I believe in
Home the homeless & feed the starving
Afrikaner, Caribbean
Sow the seeds of freedom
From the fountains of desire
Let corruption burn in loves eternal fire.

Let poverty perish into rivers of gold
Let barren lands over flow
Let these your Israelite children go
Let the bounty of your love now ergo
Let the power of one love from here grow
Let the kingdom of one heart & soul
Touch the majesty kept not in secret let all know
Now to come together gathered in
A multitude of purity like snow
Let all whom seek Eden reside in
Your fold!

Life’s share is a little bit of heaven left to stow
From the melting furry of mans hate
Didn’t you know you had to lead to follow?
Else you’d be just like that sleeping shepherd
Who didn’t hear his slaughtered lambs bellow?

Afrikaner, Caribbean! Afrikaner, Caribbean!

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