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The Web Poetry Corner - M A Heathcote - African summer

African summer


M A Heathcote

My heart canít fly
But it can walk the high-wire wind
And roar like an African lion
With a pride and a grace I can sing!

My hearts roar can all so tell a lie
But, oh, it sure can_ cry!

When I hear the laughing hyenas
With my one love go running bye
With another tribesman it isnít I & I

My heart canít always pick the pieces up
Of warring nations
And heal the spirit
Of a love in itís bitterest, vibrations.

My heart is the prisoner of unremembered feelings
My heart is the sphere
Where all mans bloodlust killings take place
My heart is a fibrous hemp where
You hold the world to ransom
In orbit in grace, in orbit in grace
Around your sailboat, star sailing soul.

Oh women your love is the fate of all mankind
Oh women do you really feel contented outside
Because itís an African summer all winter inside
And woman thereís nowhere a lioness can reside
Or hide from the carnage done to my pride.

Because itís an African summer all winter outside
And oh the heat waves of my passion maybe rose
And Oh the gravity isnít goanna push back the tides
Because it wonít be long before
Iím once more again stunned and tranquilized_
Sun stroked and hypnotized...
By a lioness with topaz roaring yellow ocher eyes
Under heat-waves of passion my pride
Will once again, rise.

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