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The Web Poetry Corner - M A Heathcote - Times immoral guest

Times immoral guest


M A Heathcote

...Death bleeds...
..Death bleeds...
..Death bleeds...
A recurring nightmare, cupped into a mother’s breast
Through pinkish-blue milk-white locust lips it breathes..!
On lungs that strip the uncoiling webs of time.
Cocooned in the eternal, now mortal, infants mind;
Death! Death!! Death!!! in her womb of cockroaches ‘skin
Drums at the nucleus of a new approaching sky
A black-moons hollowed-out eye’.

From that scabbard vortex of joy and grief
Gravid-shadows shingle upon an ageless reef...
Here have mouths opened on a stone lipped silence!
Catacomb souls meditate on a sickening, endless nuisance
‘Rejoicing in that one extramural-living, grey-cell
Feeding on the light that feeds on its own separations’ hell
And is its self an empty non-gratifying, empty-shell..?

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