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The Web Poetry Corner - M A Heathcote - Damien angel

Damien angel


M A Heathcote

Her touches are like snow icicles
Tongue tickling wisps of frozen light
Each fingertip is an isotonic particle
A throbbing cosmos of winteródelight

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mystifying.  Perhaps our traffic counts are missing something, or =
difference is due to bots.  I just can't figure it e floor
Will he be my only advocate?
My only abacus... here on earth!
Such is an albatrossís worth
-less good-luck, curse!
My deaths dearth is not to mitigate
Nor is it to question or to coerce
Life was sent to pass each devilish task
Not to discover answers that need not beóask.
But yet I question is there a Damien angel?
Else if not why has my life been so rueful
So damned trodden-on so fearfully fateful.

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