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The Web Poetry Corner - M A Heathcote - A cairn of granite cloud

A cairn of granite cloud


M A Heathcote

A cairn of granite cloud
Hangs above the world over...
"Fear rolls in that first loud-
Clap" of cobalt-thunder!

"A gale winds—overplay
Euphoria’s cold shudder"
In wounds oughtn’t for display
"Betray in empty, glower.

"Hemstitch each his heaven,
In her liquid fires"
Assimilate the seven"
{Bemoan mans—desires.}

Bless your lambs, accursed:
"But suppurate with the soul,
A curdled-milk" he must first-
Separate the evil—whole!

Too the breast a lovers rest
Send music-molten, white!
Too his eyes the stars zest
In climb zeniths truly bright.

"Loath like beggars fallen
Must you tempt our hungry greed?
Like lepers with urchin"
Malevolence, mislead?

Vouch us a safe conduct;
Grant us wisdom flowing...
Let us not self destruct;
In our carnal, knowing...

"Such is the poverty of life
That we do sink in despair
And swim with the alewife"
Whose sharp-tongue leaps midair?

"What hope this fly of dislike?
This dung-beetle, underfoot!
This maverick cow, this tyke"
In fields the white snakeroot.

"Should such a world be poison?
Hold the heart a deadly, toxin"
Sully a soul and roughen-
It on the ploughs of oxen!

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