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The Web Poetry Corner - M A Heathcote - Prophecies of a vision

Prophecies of a vision


M A Heathcote

At a very tender young age I was visited by a vision in the night; that I could see with both my eyes open or closed. No matter where I gazed... up or down or straight ahead or side to side or deep down into my smothering pillows this thing came towards me. This creature carrying a dagger clenched in its hand. It was a thunderous night and I was awoken by the clambers of wind and rain clawing at my windowsill, shaking the beige and cream 70s chocolate curtains. I was six years old then, and I wasnít fearful but as the curtains moved further more and more apart! It was then I saw this thin youngish man, he stepped out of the curtains; he was wearing a long black velvet coat which was all so beautifully scarlet lined! He looked a kind of Dorian gray figure! But only much worse for although he was a bit like Dorian in that he seemed quite good looking he had only the one eye in the centre of his forehead, and his face stared deathly cold full of untold malice: He walked s!
teadfastly, grinning, with a face that was ingrained with evil intent, a purpose on doing something evil to me. A face greyer and smoother than marble looked down on me like a tombstone. I was six and I screamed not just once but many times, my mother was alone down stairs in the backroom I heard her footsteps hammering their way up the staircase like Batoven! And then on came the blinding light of salvation shinning into my wet brown sobbing eyes; my mother spoke rationally to me and assured me there was nothing to fear!
Mother opened the curtains and then shut them tight, together again. She kissed my little perspiring forehead and then closed the door behind her! Her footfalls were like ever smaller piano hammers echoing... falling down a spiralling stair well. I shuddered as the curtains again began to open with the storm wind! I through myself deep down under the sheets and placed a feather pillow over the top of my head; it was of no use! In front of me the horror just broadened his grin, and approached me again much quicker. Again I had to scream again those footsteps heavier and harder rang like thunder. And again a light of salvation shone on my face, but this time my motherís voice was sharper her actions quicker! The curtains were slung apart wide and then clenched back together in a single breath; followed by the words, there! You see! You see!
Then a sudden kiss and then her piano footfalls descended down the half lit spiralled well.
I prayed, Please, Please, please, donít let me be afraid; donít let me scream out or call out for my mother another time. At first all seemed fine the storm began to pass over head as I lay there shivering, trembling remembering the face I had seen. A face I then began to think! Looked an awful lot like that of mine own, but for twenty odd years between and its one central eye. Was this an omen of my future self brought forth to destroy me! Again the curtains shook apart, again a glinting dagger slough off shards of blue light; again this Dorian gray figure came grinning towards me! Bent on murdering me! Was it me! Was it me! Was It Me! I screamed, and I Screamed, this time I never heard those loud thudding footsteps this time I just screamed, I screamed, and I screamed, till the light came on! And I was cradled away to safety.

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