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The Web Poetry Corner - M A Heathcote - Mirrored will be again that life

Mirrored will be again that life


M A Heathcote

Mirror not—all those faults and frailties in our homes
Mirror not—a tears love lost ambience in our souls
Mirror not—a hopeless stream of dreams in our heart
Mirror only—our fondest thoughts and memories.

Long-after this royally heathenness sunset-dark.
Galleried together like pinafore sun tinged daisies.

Mirror not only—those days when a vacant loneliness calls
Mirror just—those joys when an infant first—crawls
Mirror not only—those things; let us not go forewarned
When where’re looking into the heavens so unadorned.

Somewhere in us—yet; your heart will still be poured;
As myriad of all the stars that did wash over us lord!

Mirror not only—a morning songbird that softly sings
Mirror all—the planetary stars warmth a campfire brings
Mirror not only—an evening when unrest begins a cease
Mirror all—that is sojourned in the journey of a lamb.

Let each stratum layer of chaos amount a summit of peace
And if they fail allow them yet to flail on wings of buckram.

Mirror not—nor read grief’s raging eyes blood saline red
Mirror not—unspoken those words in your heart, unsaid:
Mirror only—those moments rendered "Within us, pure-Light"
Mirror only—above the troposphere all which you ignite.

Which again you; shall reunite with the holies of angels.
Good god fairing men the twelve apostles in the gospels.

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