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The Web Poetry Corner - M A Heathcote - My boyhood lover

My boyhood lover


M A Heathcote

Leaden footfalls, on my mind
Heavy heart beats, all the time
Down trodden bluebells,
Are here in these hallways,
And on these stairwells, in our hearts,
And in our eyes again, today...

Oh, all my whispering, memories,
Like the sound of winter in the trees
Like the smell of autumns leafs
Like a driver on the hard shoulder
Iím running on empty,
But I canít or darenít pull over
Cause I wonít steer this road, alone
Or hear the lonely stay of execution,
On these hopeless, goodbyes, over the phone...

Oh Iím running on empty,
But Iím never a quitter, my boyhood lover...
Tin soldier...

Honey I know Iím here to stay...
Honey I know itís not like Childs play, anymore...
Itís the long haul; itís my one and only way...

But honey please donít continue
To raise your angry voice, so high, at me
Because I isnít listening anymore
Too you; because fighting you,
Only gives me a hard rock
In my heart to throw, back at you!

Because you canít hurt me anymore
So just let them weary heavy footfalls pour...
Let that shout break down a wall
Because honey I donít give a damn
About winning the last word anymore
But honey Iím still here for you?
Iím in it for the long haul, or not at all.

Leaden footfalls on my mind
Heavy heart beats all the time
Like a driver on the hard shoulder
Iím running on empty, but I canít pull over
Iím running on empty,
But I still love you my boyhood lover.
Tin soldier...
Like a driver on the hard shoulder
Iím giving my all the whole way...

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