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The Web Poetry Corner - M A Heathcote - Messed up riches

Messed up riches


M A Heathcote

Looking into the future
Or looking into the past
You can’t hear them
Old ghost whisperers
Riding into the light
In your dumb ears, laugh!
Laughing! Life is such a gas!
Laughing into the wind
Into the night
Laughing! Life is such a gas!
Such a lonely plight
For any donkey, ass!

Like a seed dead in the ground
The walking-dead are all
Walking around, you!
They’re all laughing! Life is such a gas!
They’re all walking around?
In hells red britches
Digging in them lonely ditches
Digging for their own oily,
Messed up riches!

Down in that humble hollowed out ground
Oh’ hear those old ghost whisperers’ laugh
Laughing in them dust bowls sands
Holding up their shaking bible held hands
Like an old Judas tree
Inside that old ghost town called Jericho
Down by river Jordan’s bank
There with me a Neolithic hero
Under a silver, long ago
Long lost moon
Singing lullaby’s in Hebrew
All in sway...
Searching this lonely way
All in sway on this stoned merry day.

Looking into the future
Or looking into the past
We can all hear them old ghost whisperers, laugh,
Laughing! Life is such a gas!
After smoking just a little bit of rolled up grass!!

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