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The Web Poetry Corner - M A Heathcote - In these cormorant hours spent swift

In these cormorant hours spent swift


M A Heathcote

Iíve never begun to understand,
The sea changing patterns beholden,
With holding, onto a womanís hand,
No matter how many times
Unwilled she can be emboldened.

The ever changing wind still chimes
With me!
The ever changing green sea grimes
Deep in the deepest blue coral waves
Of the world,
In the darkest barroom grave
With me!
Just to be hurled,
Unbroken like a bird like a wave
Sucked out on a storm just to be free!

In these cormorant hours spent swift
On the wind like a sparrow hawk
With the thoughts of these old lovers up lift
On these wings I still feel strong, but hark
I still feel in my heart
The emptiness of the dark
As a marginal, migrant, migrating
Longing to go back into the virgin bay
I left battered and bereft
A long, long, long time away!

Looking further from my lovers reach
Back along the stony cliffs
Unto the foaming beach
In a whirlpool of memory Iím split into fifths
Like the lemming jumping off the cliffs
I high tale because I canít be beholden
To an emboldened smile
No matter whomever you think you are!
This time! My cormorant star!

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