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The Web Poetry Corner - M A Heathcote - Give thanks on this his harvest festival day

Give thanks on this his harvest festival day


M A Heathcote

As mortals we must feed these minds
And hearts of decadence and decay
And give thanks for the way
We live our lives today
And give thanks! For thanks giving!
Give thanks! For our hourly working living!
Give thanks! To the Nations of the World
Give thanks! For the sun and the stars in his lantern shield
Give thanks! To the birds and the bees of the field
The autumn harvests in there granary highyield
Give thanks! To the Lamb of God!
Give thanks! Unto each other!
Father, sister, mother and brother!
Give thanks! For the lightening whirling winds and rain
Give thanks! For the burning bush: his voice of eternal living flame!
That neither knows of no-inward nor out-wards pain of shame!
Give thanks! To the Sublimation of new life in his glorious name!
Give thanks! On this his harvest festival day:
Give thanks! And harrow a new and better field of play
Give thanks! Give thanks! Until the lord is god our saviour
And let us not forget the world of his enemies’ empty anger and hunger!
Let us not beg or borrow or steal
In that old fiendish devilish well-drained-dried-up-way
As mortals we must feed these minds and hearts of disarray
Cup and poor his spiritual entourages his shepherding waters
Into these empty Persian passages of fulfilments hopes and dreams
Into these waylaying cadis fly angels in his forking midnight’s stream
On these soulless suffering idle human beings of sorrow
That the knead the bread of riches but not the humbling soil
Praise to God! Most of us dig like century old farmhands in the cattle ditch
And praise to God! Where finding glory’s in his deepest manure barrows pitched
And praise to God! On this his harvest festival day:
That you are not a satanic minstrel band passing on its tidiest way:
Praise to God! We all came to wander along
This same old granite churchyard road today!

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