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The Web Poetry Corner - M A Heathcote - Rambling old age

Rambling old age


M A Heathcote

Rambling old age squints to a distant hill
A pasts intrinsic reflection
Made opaque and eerily still
Like a millpond waters-edge
Imperfections & perfection's
Margin on a yellowing sedge.
Where time like a river rat
Gnaws upon a raft of souls
Juggling in spats;
A Renoir of brushstroke coals
Burning like flowers
Red as camellias-
strewn for our eyes devours.
A million star-fluxed minerals & metals-
falling in disband like wind blown petals
In a whirl of sun-shard dissipating shadows
Dancing like King cups
Bathed in a feldspar of sunlight
Children to grownups
Cry with hedonic delight.
Glistening like embers dizzy in their first royal twilight
Silver leafed in the willows
Bent to the saffron of summer shadows
Peony red suns peering from dark canopied beech boughs
Rising like pillars through stately mausoleum clouds.
Oh how old age in our autumn howls
As a dais of spring dew falls from the loins of summer-warm climbs
We all learn to stand alone and fantasize
Darting with newborn sonnets immortalized
We all learn to dance and sing
And ride the wild wind like swallows
Through our half-forgotten diarist echoes.
Like a Mole-burrowed from winter snows
In a pall of spring mountain air
We all learn to speak our minds without care
Still irreverent of our immortal crime
As another evenings flood of starlight blinds
Another year of autumn and winter disappears
And childhood whispers full of long forgotten fears
Unbridling a well spring of relentless tears
Thatís been unpalatable for years...

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