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The Web Poetry Corner - Lee Emmett - Mi Corazon

Mi Corazon


Lee Emmett

My anguished heart knows that I must let you go.
Leave now, my son, with your fellow sun-followers
Fly free to faraway lands where hot bright sands burn
As pulsating king tides course through youthful veins.

Hoary-haired coward, my soul lacks vigour
And seeks comfort and rest in my safe rocking chair
Lichen on white-stone, cottage waits at laneís end,
Hearth, glowing embers: both beckon ancient bones.

Sorely my old heart shrinks with our parting,
Sadly, it must be so, just as I say.
Though I want you to stay, Iíll no longer stop you.
Itís time for your dreams to soar
Over the mountain.
Wild seasons call. Go!
Seek your love, far away.

Rose-gold sun sinks gently,
Towards the distant horizon.
Gilt-edged clouds stretch,
Like faint-painted fingernails,
Deep crimson orb melts my core.

Oh! Heart is faltering, pain chills my marrow.
God speed you safely. My love, adieu!

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