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The Web Poetry Corner - Lee Emmett - Equinox



Lee Emmett

Tonight as I water the garden beneath a canopy of stars
I wonder which one keeps guard over my mate,
my soul mate, who left me for a bigger world
of universal love, which one day I hope to see.

Tonight as I search the heavens
just above the western horizon
a sliver of silver gold, the New Moon
steps through a crack in the heavens
with her promise of longer nights
shorter days, and cooler times,
though not necessarily calmer ones.

At the fulcrum of seasons,
the realisation of balance occurs:
in the equinocturnal stillness of early evening
appears the possibility of a different life.
Iíll find kind people inhabiting my future.
Sun and light will return.
After the deepness of winterís chill, my life will be renewed
to grow with the tender shoots of spring.

Droplets sparkle the ferns; silent dark giants in the night. Unfurling, their fanlike fronds reflect memories of part of his work here, some of our thirty six years together.
Lacework finery sprinkles, sprays across the darkness,
captures the brightness of streetlamps.
A miniature Milky Way.
This small slice of life here on earth
mirrors a mysterious life beyond where souls return
to the source, and light the way to a greater spirit.

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