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The Web Poetry Corner - Joris John Heise - The Thirst Which in Her is Sex

The Thirst Which in Her is Sex


Joris John Heise

For her each marriage meant hope
Against endless lonely coping_
Each coupling she imagined that
She could connect herself
With some final, sated comfort.

But what came down the pipe
Was human-dribbled drivel
And weak, initiativeless males
Who failed to know or care
To be themselves to her at all.

This Man, though, fought with wit
And won her heart beyond
Exasperated put-up-with sex;
He poured a Spirit out and in
Like water for the thirsty from a Rock—

What a miracle of connection—
Where Truth laughs, sheer with joy.
His wand of words wrought magic
That lifted her life awake
Despite her drunk-with-sleep shields.

The spell on her was broken in—
There she found fresh consumption—
To live a large excitement,
Her tongue extolling Him,
As she herself drank Love decanted.

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