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The Web Poetry Corner - Joris John Heise - The Magi Come, We Magi in the Dark

The Magi Come, We Magi in the Dark


Joris John Heise

We grope along in a gathering dusk,
Enshrouding us with hopeless choices felt;
We mourn at our aimlessness of mind
That wants a discovery of dawn;
We breathe at such overwhelm of gloom
It suffocates slim hopes.
We’ve hated all losing—when bad luck
Defeats an honest enterprise;
But hated much more the waste of good
In tangents distracting from purposed paths;

Imprisoned-mind people stare at hope
From painful-still hearts of lonely deaths.
This Christian feast of Kings repeats:
A Child can defeat a dreamless king;
Rich-eyed radiance is born
In promise of more than smug professionals;
Is born when starlights all point to earth
And match our small loves invisible to eyes;
When our whole life’s value leaps itself
In exultation out of thwarted errings!
Fulfillment comes camelling in at meetings
In merry, magic ways of magi men
Whose gifts shine as not mere gold
But from courage, cunning, rightly-aiming faith
For woman’s small child’s glimmer--
That’s us, too, waking to the Time of God.

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