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The Web Poetry Corner - Joris John Heise - Spirit is a Root That Implies Growth & Change

Spirit is a Root That Implies Growth & Change


Joris John Heise

The truest horror lies
Beyond Alien films, vampire books
And Hollywoodish tricks of gruesome artists:

It roots in too-acquiescent selves,
Where Spirit aches to burst forth
With traits of truth and trust.

Root silence can come to front real fearó
So, off we slip from viable prayer--
By apathy denying all our acts their weight.

Good spirits live with sap-threads thickening with spring-love,
Up to energize, from ground-down sources, with hope
To serve, and stay serene within oneself.

Active spirits welcome angels and the stars with awe,
Throw chaff away to keep the way forward wiseó
To let dazzling irises do tough growing

Beside old farm homes year by year
Untended but by robins, lambs and lions.
To grow again and again with constant gain!

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