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The Web Poetry Corner - Joris John Heise - Jesus Not So Much a Gate As a Switch

Jesus Not So Much a Gate As a Switch


Joris John Heise

Jesus speaks; He speaks to you:
"Between your world and your self, I
Form a gate between my love and your life—
I can connect your self’s vague yearnings,
To rich meanings, future fulfillments."

This uttering disturb self-satisfaction—
Reminding us about the muscle electric currents are:
Which can wreak death, sizzling us to our demise—
Or cool us, heat us, light us--ease our lives.


Jesus as Shepherd or Gate fumbles truth--images obsolete;
It strikes us rather how Jesus look an electric link—
Between that vast field of unseen energy and
Our weak, needy world where we wait for it to show.

The real result comes when clicking Him into our rooms--
A flood of light, of focused warmth, He comes--
And, triggered, provides awesome niceness,
More productive than man-made contraptions,

Flipping that switch distances us from dark--
Can cause us becoming significant as saints,
Can convert life’s drab duration into a new universe
He switches us to "on," and we rest in photonic thrills
Beyond mere living.

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